November 29, 2011

Andrew Wickham

Andrew Wickham grew up on the east coast and has moved around a lot. As far as we know he has lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, and Georgia. There might be some other places as well but you get the idea. The man likes to move. A lot of BMX riders out there love to travel but Andrew doesn't travel and come back home. He moves his home. Andrew recently started out on a new journey to live the dream in California.

The California dream is understood if you have ever been there. The place is amazing and full of possibilities. It's like the gold rush never ended really. Andrew is taking his standard means of transportation the Greyhound bus. Georgia to Colorado. Colorado to Portland. Portland to California. That's a long time in a bus with a million stops along the way and many bad bathrooms. The rest of this story is a compilation of text messages I have received from Andrew on the first leg of his journey to Denver.

See you at onelove jam
This sucks...I'm only in Nashville
Mt. Vernon...only forever more to go...cant wait to ride denver skatepark and smoke some fire
I had a dream I was on the wrong bus begging the driver to let me off. He just laughed at me...I had to force my way...just a dream though
This chick from kansas city is pretty cool...a good bus buddy...i am so bored. I should have tried to get a handjob...
I really hope this annoying new yorker dodoesnt sit near me...he repeats the same dumb shit over and over and over.
Fuck denver is cold.
Who rides in denver? Mcgraw?
At the denver capital...i wonder how much masonic symbolism is involved. And demonic numerology
There is a masonic temple next door and probably a tunnel
I love CO for the free onions
3 dollar 12 once pbrs!!! Athens is so cheap!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Denver...where rich crackers live...
The key to riding a greyhound...Two things comfortable shoes and die slightly inside.


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Anonymous said...

Andrew is so awesome! His wheel walks are #bananas
I think he made a deal with the demonic numerals to learn that stuff.

Hey, and he's on another blog from Japan today.