January 11, 2015

samethingdailythreeDVD and T-shirts

DVD featuring riding from:

Micah Murray
Lincoln Harberger
Dane Beardsley
John Yull
Denes Katona
Solstice Crew
Morgantown Crew
Ted Van Orman
Andrew Wickham
Sebastian Grubinger
Markus Redelberger
Benjamin Gro├čjohann

DVD is available through these fine retailers.
Flatland Fuel
Dans Competition

Same Design

Pocket design


Vojtech Drda said...

What about paid online/downloadable version for us who don't have a DVD drive or player anymore? Thanks!

Same Thing Daily said...

Computers have a DVD player.

Vojtech Drda said...

Not all of them do these days - DVD drives are so 2000s.

Same Thing Daily said...

yep they are