October 5, 2015

Georgia State Championship 2015

For the fifth straight year there will be a Georgia State Flatland Championship.

Past years events have had arrests, trains, rain delays, classic car shows, chickens, sunsets, BMX trickery, beer, break ins, BBQs, and general wholesome all around fun.

The 2015 championship will state at noon on December 5, 2015 and going to be held in Jefferson, GA a short drive away from Athens, GA at a spot we call The Chicken Spot.

Address for you GPS people: Harrison Johnson Way Jefferson, GA 30549

The event has a very loose format and at the end of the day we name a new Georgia State Flatland Champ!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN GEORGIA TO BE THE STATE CHAMP!

Past Georgia State Champs
2014 -Lincoln Harberger, Jon Yull
2013 - Lincoln Harberger, Russell Summerville
2012 - Jody Temple, Austin Stevens
2011 - Jon Dowker, Jeff Foster

Who will be the next STATE CHAMP?

If you have any questions email me at danebeardsley@yahoo.com

February 17, 2015

ForSameThingDaily is taking it to the road and seas.

ForSameThingDaily is next.

Miami is a tuff city.  It's winter is awful.

January 11, 2015

samethingdailythreeDVD and T-shirts

DVD featuring riding from:

Micah Murray
Lincoln Harberger
Dane Beardsley
John Yull
Denes Katona
Solstice Crew
Morgantown Crew
Ted Van Orman
Andrew Wickham
Sebastian Grubinger
Markus Redelberger
Benjamin Gro├čjohann

DVD is available through these fine retailers.
Flatland Fuel
Dans Competition

Same Design

Pocket design

January 6, 2015

The Georgia State Championship

Lincoln Harberger took home The Georgia State Championship for the second straight year.

Went to sleep and it was raining, then I woke up and it was still raining.  The Georgia State Championship does not care if it rains so it went off anyway.  There was not one square foot of drive pavement at this years championship.  Lucky the rain stopped and so the only real obstacle was the wet pavement.  We had a crew from Texas, Aaron Behnke, EZ Chris, Mitch, and a crew from Baltimore make the trip to Athens for the Championship.

This year we had a classic car show

John Yull took home the wildcard award with wild moves on the wet pavement.

Regardless of the weather everyone had a good time.  Had about six people staying at my house and my neighbor broke into my house.  The samethingdailythree premiere was an awesome time and made for a great after party for the event.  Thanks to everyone who came out.


Aaron Behnke braving the elements.

Who will be the next Georgia State Champion?

December 30, 2014

Ride it!

Georgia State Championship and SameThingDailyThree Premiere

When most people are still nursing their New Years hangover we are going to have a good time down here in Athens on January 3rd.

The Georgia State Flatland Championship will be going down in Jefferson, Georgia a short distance outside of Athens, Georgia.  This will be the fourth Georgia State Championship held at a spot we call The Chicken Spot.  The Chicken Spot is out in the middle of the country and is large enough so you will get to have a fun session.  It's an open jam that is free for everyone.  Starts at 12 noon and will go until it's dark.

Address for you GPS people: Harrison Johnson Way Jefferson, GA 30549

Later on in the evening there will be a video premiere for SameThingDaily3.  Party and all that jazz at The Globe in downtown Athens.