November 28, 2014

Georgia State Championship and SameThingDailyThree Premier

When most people are still nursing their New Years hangover we are going to have a good time down here in Athens on January 3rd.

The Georgia State Flatland Championship will be going down in Jefferson, Georgia a short distance outside of Athens, Georgia.  This will be the fourth Georgia State Championship held at a spot we call The Chicken Spot.  The Chicken Spot is out in the middle of the country and is large enough so you will get to have a fun session.  It's an open jam that is free for everyone.

Address for you GPS people: Harrison Johnson Way Jefferson, GA 30549

Later on in the evening there will be a video premier for SameThingDaily3.  Party and all that jazz at The Globe in downtown Athens.


October 28, 2014


A DVD in todays world is kind of irrelevant, but nevertheless I believe it is still the best way to view BMX outside of watching someone ride in person.  Same Thing Daily 3 will be the culmination of many hours with a bicycle under our feet and hands.


May 23, 2014

yep 2014

It's a lot of time.

Photo: Kent Pearson

April 17, 2014

It's a long ride.

DVDs are like CDs

VHSs are like Cassette Tapes

They all sound good to me.



September 30, 2013

Georgia State Flatland Championship 2013

For the 3rd consecutive year there will be a Georgia State Freestyle Championship.  This year it will take place on December 7th.  Riding will start at noon and the contest will start something around 4 or 5PM.  Awards will be presented for The Georgia State Champ and a wildcard category.  It will once again be held in Jefferson, Georgia at a place we call the chicken spot just outside of Athens, Georgia.  You do not have to live in Georgia to be the state champ.  Laid back contest with fun for all.  After party at the Same Thing Daily WHQ in Athens, Georgia a short drive away.  Who will be this years state champ?

Previous State Champs

2011 -- Jon Dowker / Jeff Foster
2012 -- Jody Temple / Austin Stevens

Address for you GPS people: Harrison Johnson Way Jefferson, GA 30549

- Dane