January 6, 2015

The Georgia State Championship

Lincoln Harberger took home The Georgia State Championship for the second straight year.

Went to sleep and it was raining, then I woke up and it was still raining.  The Georgia State Championship does not care if it rains so it went off anyway.  There was not one square foot of drive pavement at this years championship.  Lucky the rain stopped and so the only real obstacle was the wet pavement.  We had a crew from Texas, Aaron Behnke, EZ Chris, Mitch, and a crew from Baltimore make the trip to Athens for the Championship.

This year we had a classic car show

John Yull took home the wildcard award with wild moves on the wet pavement.

Regardless of the weather everyone had a good time.  Had about six people staying at my house and my neighbor broke into my house.  The samethingdailythree premiere was an awesome time and made for a great after party for the event.  Thanks to everyone who came out.


Aaron Behnke braving the elements.

Who will be the next Georgia State Champion?

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