April 1, 2008

Same Thing Daily is HOT HOT HOT !!!

Same Thing Daily is finally available. It's seriously the hottest thing out there. It features riding from around the world by; Shintaro Misawa, Leif Vailn, Travis Collier, Jody Temple, Dane Beardsley, Simon O'brien, Alexis Desolnuex, Brian Chapman, Gabe Kadmiri, and Aaron Behnke.

For $21.00 you get a Same Thing Daily DVD, a Zine, and free shipping anywhere in the world (sorry hot sauce not included). This offer is only available through the Same Thing Daily blog, so get on it!

Proceeds form the sale of Same Thing Daily go towards my medical bills.

Butt shot. but I'm riding agian and that's all that matters.


philip said...

woohoo. that's awesome dane. can't wait to watch it. i already ordered one. and the zine thing? man, that's the greatest thing since sliced bread. seriously. i'm totally psyched now.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you son. Love, Mom