July 5, 2008

3 Questions: Markus Redlberger

Markus Redlberger/ bmxbandita

Huntigton Beach, where I was riding with Dylan Worlsley for one month. Great time. And me spot in Vienna: A big parking lot of a supermarket.

Last thing you did that made you real happy?!
I was a limousine driver for a wedding. It was an old rolls royce which is 30 years old and I had 4 girls incl. the bread into the car.

Why do you like bikes so much?!
A bike is such a simple thing. When ├Żou take care a bit you can have it for years without taking some parts new. And for riding flatland it just takes some good floor of concrete. Thats it. So you have a bike, you have parking lot, and you could ride for hours without needing something else. (Maybe water).

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