November 18, 2008


Alex Poirier was busting his ass all day. Killing it.
The Atlanta Jam was awesome! I will give you my side of the story...

Duke, G-Unit, MF, and myself got in Dukes van around 11 or so. G-Unit was having a rough morning and MF was up way before he normally is, so our trip to the jam was interesting. Duke fell in love with a good looking older women at a gas station. Driving with you friends on the way to a jam can be as much fun as the jam...

Anyway we get to the jam at about 1 or so. I was amazed at the amount of people at this thing! The weather was a little cold and real windy and no one seemed to give a damn. Gabe Kadmiri, Jeff Foster, Rodney, and Roman Willson were there and it's always nice to see them.

When you sit down on the ground and watch everyone ride for a while at a jam you realize how amazing flatland really is. All kinds of talented riders (young and old) were doing there thing.

After a while Little Chris (organizer dude) Got everyone in a jam circle. Aaron Frost, Isiah Jordan , Alex Poirier, Prasheel Gopal, Gabe Kadmiri, and others were throwing down some hard stuff in an unfamiliar spot. It was chill with out the one upping attitude that tends to come along with jam circles.

It was getting late and everyone was getting hungry. Jeff Foster said he had to get going cause he had church tomorrow. A group of us had some food at a local bar and grill. Then we made our way to little Chris's house. Lots of riders showed up and the party was on. Some of the riders just chilled out while others enjoyed the keg of beer and Chris's nice outside patio. At the end of the night when the keg was gone MF drove G-Unit, The Duke, and myself home to Athens. Thanks MF again for driving.

This was an awesome jam. BMX is so good because we have a great excuse to just go somewhere, hang out with people we don't really know, meet friends, and have a party. Thanks little Chris, Gabe, Jeff, the whole ATL crew, and anyone else involved in organizing this thing. Hell yeah.
Prasheel Gopal with some clean style.

Alex Poirier, Prasheel Gopal, and others made the trip down from Ottawa. Like 20 something hours I think. Getting together with some friends and getting out and seeing new things. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dane,

It was good finally meeting you at the jam, although we've seen each other at multiple events over the past few years.

It's 'Alex Poirier' and 'Prasheel Gopal'...but the typos were probably just from our messy writing.

Yeah, it was definately a long trek down, and even longer trek back. We ran in to some snow/ice shortly after crossing the border, which resulted in Alex putting my car in to a ditch (no harm to any of us, and very little to the car). Even with staying in Knoxville for the last night to break up the drive a bit, it took a good 22h to get home from there.

Thanks again for the video, and we'll see you in Toronto in March I hope.


Rad Dad 67 said...

Hey Dane,

Thanks for the cool write up. Its neat to read other perspective on the trip. Thanks for "The Same Thing Daily" I am getting ready to post the Web Video from the Atlanta Jam. I got a couple of good links from you in there. I hope you take me up on riding with us here in Texas! Austin is a great place to ride all year long. On any given Saturday we will have 10 to 19 guys and girls at our riding spot.

Keep on Riding!!