December 13, 2008

Alex Poirier

I first meet Alex along ago a a ham jam. Alex was just a little guy back then, always riding hard and having a good time. I recently meet up with Alex at a jam again in Atlanta. That's the fun thing about going to a jam you never know who your going to see. Anyway Alex is real good and travels a bunch. So I asked him a couple of questions...

Name: Alex Poirier

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Last thing you did that made you real happy?! Wow, this is a tough one, haha, way to busy with school for happiness apparently. I'll have to go all the way back to the end of May when Prasheel and I took a road trip from Ottawa to Ohio for the Northcoast flat battle, and then we drove back to Ontario, visited Petrolia, and Kitchener, then flew to New Orleans for Voodoo. We went from barely knowing each other to being pretty much inseparable for the months to come, no homo. I actually placed really well at those contests too which I was proud of (total fluke).

Why do you like bikes so much?! I have NO idea. I recall getting my training wheels taken off my bike the same day as my friend, and biking down my road for the first time, and I'm pretty sure I fell pretty hard, but just got back up and kept at it. I remember a long time ago, riding 16" bmx style bikes (definitely not like the 16" hoffmans/haros you see nowadays), and setting up pieces of plywood against stacks of old tires, and hitting it as a jump with neighborhood friends. That's my earliest memory of anything to do with BMX. Then BMX bikes (Canadian tire kind) started to become the cool thing in my town, and I had to have one. My parents have supported me and my riding ever since more then I can possibly ever thank them, and they've definitely helped me stick with it and stay motivated by taking me to events all around North America. They've definitely been way to good to me considering the little menace I've been (and continue to be). The rest is history, I like riding all kinds of bikes, I ride street, flatland, road bike, it's all awesome!

I'd just like to thank my parents, first and foremost. Also Prasheel, Adam, Andy, Mike, Sam, and my friends for keeping it real! And Joe Mamma!

There is nothing better than old flatland photos...

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Anonymous said...

Yessir! Best rider alive! Matthias Dandois of the north!