February 17, 2009

Aaron Behnke Inteview

I meet Aaron back in 2000. So I guess I have actually known Aaron 9 years....It's funny how 2000 was 9 years ago. Wild. Aaron and I have spent a fair amount of time together; road trips, contests, skate parks, restaurants, his house in Morgantown WV, my place in Athens, looking for alligators, street riding, bars, more than a few parking lots, and I have even held his baby. Aaron is a great friend to have, and that's all I can say. I asked him a few questions so here we go...

Name: Aaron Behnke

Location: Morgantown, West Virginia

Sponsors and or other supporters: UGP has been my longest running sponsor. Aside from that, Profile, Etnies, Animal hooks up the GLH tires and Duo makes a sweet grip. A big thanks goes out to these people.

Years riding: Twenty some. I'm pretty bad with time.

Types of riding you enjoy: Bike

So your married and have a new daughter now. How has that been treating you?
It's a wild ride and everyday is different. Life is good!

You have been riding BMX for a really long time. What is one reason that keeps you doing it?
Learning new things or just bombing down the hill from my house to campus.

What types of things do you enjoy that don't involve bikes?
My wife & daughter, good food, cooking, baking, relaxing, sipping on hot coffee even on the hottest day, learning to fix things, mountains, playing with boobies, beer, decent people and conversation.

I heard you sold a trick for a PBR...is this true?
Yes it's true. The trick was not for sale. The offer was made to me. I enjoy a PBR and I have other tricks so why not? I like beer so make me an offer. (Editors note: The guy who purchased it still has yet to learn it.)

What makes a good flatlander if your eyes?
Alexis Desolneux, Nathan Penonzek, Leif Valin, Simon Obrien, Brian Tunney, Dane Beardsley, Chad Degroot, Kerry Gatt, Dan Rigby.

What the hell is wrong with flatland now adays?
Lets focus on the positive. What do I think is right? See the above names listed. Good people doing their own thing while not trying to impress the world.

ride bikes and have some fun

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Anonymous said...

yay, aaron, good to hear you're still doing it and still for the right reasons. same thing daily. keep it up. thanx dane