February 22, 2009

Hang Over Jam (sometime between Feb 13 and 14)

This is an e mail I got form G-Unit. ALT crew is no joke...


all I have to say is this is Rodney

The call came from Lil' Chris from Atl. Funk Lords is putting down a art show at The Bench. Funk Lords is a Hip-Hop collective. I believe it was started by Chris and some of his roommates. Don't quote me on that one. So me and the K woke up,i consulted Curtis and he said we should go. Ice Cube 'Death Certificate' and a fat ass L was in effect. We called ODB,and he met us at 17th street. He had said he had his 1st drink around 7 this morning,and a cocktail before he hoped on the Marta to meet us.

After a peace offering the session began,it was a good day so we decided to try some courts a couple of blocks away. Should have known a great day means everyone out. We decide to go to Piedmont Park on the way it starts to rain,it wasn't enough to stick on the ground. The rain finally got the ground wet,after a burrito we headed back to 17st. Another session,the K runs to the store and grabs a few 24oz. Couple blunts later Roman shows up, it was a mild session for him.

A blunt later Rodney shows up. The session is on.Me and the K had to leave for a sec to check out Lil' Chris exhibit. The Bench is pretty fucking dope. DJ's spinning,Records,Spray Paints,Book,and Breakers. I felt a good vibe there, if you haven't seen Lil' Chris's work then you need to. A lot of the art had sold signs on them,the most expensive was around $100. After checking out the art work and a Miller High Life,we said peace to Lil' Chris and headed back to 17st.

ODB and Rodney were still session. A blunt later, Hot Rod was attempting his signature tricks. After a blunt later we said our peace to Rodney,and back to Athens. I don't know why i wrote this but riding with the ATL crew is something that can not be explain unless you go there. The riders have strong in skills of blunt rolling and they can ride a bike also. Peace


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