February 1, 2009

Indy Comp

The Duke and I went up to Indy for a contest. We left Athens at noon on Friday and got back at 9:30 on Sunday. 57 hours total was the trip which consisted of 20 hours of driving, less than 9 hours of sleep the whole weekend, and tons of laughs.

So Red Bull (give you wings apparently) dumped some money into flatland again. This time in cold Indianapolis, Indian. They rented out this airplane hanger and held a flatland contest. Loads of people showed up and the battle was on. This was the first time I have ever been to contest with a battle format. They also had this team thing for am which was rather different. It's to hard to judge flatland I don't get it, but it's good to see people trying different ways.

Regardless of all that stuff, good times were had. I saw some new riders in the am class and that's always good to see. Dudes were chillen it out while others were spinning like made men. I don't feel like telling you all the trick I saw.

After the contest we hit up the town for a few drinks. I felt Matt Wilhelm's spiky hair. He switched to a different hair jell in case you were wondering. Indianapolis is a really nice city, I was really surprised. It's pretty clean and has a bad ass burrito place.

Big thanks goes to our extremely good host Andy Cooper. Bitches

so cold

20 hours of this

keep it chill

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