March 5, 2009

Kooky Set Ups: Neighborhood Thrasher

I'm not to sure if you had one of these things when you were a kid, but I did. It ruled. Anyway it is an extremely light and will vastly improve your riding. Since this bike has two back wheels it is real easy to learn back wheel tricks on. Although it lacks pegs it makes up for it with seat space. So instead of doing dumb little tricks on the pegs you can opt for standing on the seat. The bars have a lot of sweep, which helps out while carrying your GI Joe battle station down the sidewalk in you lap, en route to your friends Nicks house for PB & J and Spongebob. Some of you might be thinking that the tread on the tires is a little rough, but in my eyes you can really feel the road. The breaking system is flawless and when I was riding this thing I could stop on a dime.

Anyway here are the specs. Pick one up soon.

Frame- Plastic (Andrew Faris rode a pink bike therefore it is awesome!)
Forks- Plastic (yellow)
Bars- Plastic with tons to backsweep (all this backsweep lets me learn back and check out the neighborhood)
Stem- One simple bolt (this helps save weight)
Seat- To save weight I had the manufacture build my seat as part of the frame (I'm sure companies will copy this idea soon, so make sure I get my royalties)
Seat Post- Why would I have such an unnecessary thing on my bike?
Seat Clamp-Why don't I just carry around dumb bells?
Chainring- haha hell no!
Cranks- These babies go right into the front wheel for my awesome direct drive system.
Pedals- Plastic
Wheels- I have 3 of them. Having 3 wheels helps with stabilization during many tricks.
Hubs- I run mags so hubs are part of the wheel.
Brakes- Stop peddling
Pegs- What the hell do I need pegs for? To ride ladies on? If I want to bring a girl with me she just sits on my lap providing she does not have cooties!

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Anonymous said...

dude what about your setup? what bike do you ride? is it signal or what?