July 8, 2009

Simon O'brien Bike Check

I e-mailed Simon a little while back to ask him if he wanted to do a bike check. I heard about him designing some stuff for Colony, so I figured I would check out his work. Simon was in Japan when I e-mailed him and when he e-mailed me back I was in Alaska. After a couple of e-mails back and forth we got it done. I believe firmly that Simon is one of the greatest riders ever, so if your going to run any one's stuff...

Frame - Colony 'dejavu' signature frame
Fork - Colony 'dejavu' signature fork
Bars - Colony 'dejavu' signature bar
Bar Ends - Colony
Grips - animal.
Pegs - new Colony flat pegs.
Front Wheel - Colony hub,shadow conspiracy rim,radial laced. soon a whole Colony set up.
Back Wheel - Colony coaster with shadow rim, radial. soon a whole Colony set up wheel.
Seat Post/Seat - Macneil seatpost with signature Colony seat.
Seat Post Clamp - seat clamp integrated into the frame.
Tires - wethepeople, feelin'
Stem - Colony flat stem.
Break - acs hombre with Colony levers(so good).
Chain Ring - Colony flat chainring.
Cranks - Colony cranks. 160 mm.
Pedals - Colony.

Any special modifications? no not really,just like my wheels radial laced.
all Colony parts are awesome and ready to roll right outta the box.

How does you bike feel? the bike feels great,the way i want it!! over the years ive
come to like certain parts and frames, so ive taken my favourites from all that time
and created something special.

Why do you have your bike set up the way it is? im not sure really,i guess over the years ive tried different set ups and ive just really taken to the style i set it up and feel natural with which also works for the tricks i like.


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