August 14, 2009

Mr. I-Pone

Zack Yankush or Catfish as he is commonly known....what can I say.

I don't think there are many 30+ year old men making a living the way Catfish does. He promotes BMX by announcing BMX contest all over the world, doing TV interviews and reports, writing for a magazine, runs a web site, manages the DK team, and probably does a lot of other shit I don't know about. Any major contest you can think of and Catfish will most likely be on the mic telling it how it is.

Zack has been riding BMX for a real long time. Unlike many people in "the industry," Zack rides. You would think a man who travels virtually all year long would not have time to ride given the fact that he has multiple jobs. He takes his bike with him everywhere even if he only gets a chance to ride it once. Most people staying in nice hotels in downtown Cleveland would prefer a taxi, but Zack will take his BMX where he needs to go. Zack can be found riding ramps, street, dirt, and flatland. He does it all and enjoys it.

I was in Ohio a few weeks ago and Zack happened to be in town for like 2 days or something. We hung out and did some riding at his local flatland spot. Stay hungry...

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