August 12, 2009

Shayne don't care...

I first got to know Shayne while visiting Athens a while ago. Shayne was in college at the time and I was just getting out of college. He was a busy man at the time. School, riding, working at Roly Poly, editing Neon Media productions, and being chased around by fat girls. Shayne traveled a good amount while in college and once he graduated he took off on the road for good. Shayne keeps it chill and finds ways to travel and get by. He picks a spot he wants to go to and finds a way to make money while there. Shayne has accomplished more in his short time on this earth than some do in a lifetime and I'm sure he is not done yet. I caught up with Shayne in Alaska this summer and wanted to ask him a few questions....

Name: Amir Shayne Khajehnoori

Age: 23

From: Georgia

You went to college? Yeah, I hit up a couple of those things, UGA & GSU, and got a B.A. in Film & Video

Since I have known you, you've lived in a lot of places. Why do you move so much?
I get stir-crazy staying in one place for too long. I've always liked to explore new places, meet new people, expand my horizons, and all that jazz, so staying in once place just doesn't make sense for me.

Where all have you lived?
I have called the following places home over the past 23 years: Atlanta & Athens, GA, Granada, Spain, Daejeon, South Korea, Lima, Peru, Denali, Alaska

Top Five things you own (that you purchased):
1. My Van because it serves as my mobile home
2. My motorcycle because its fast, fun, and ladies dig it.
3. My library because I got some great reads to keep me thinking.
4. My "Yeah Right" deck signed by most of the Girl Skateboard team
5. My passport

Top five things that keep you happy?
Much more than 5 things keep me happy at any given time, but at this moment...
1. Bloody Mary after a 16 hour shift
2. Any type of exercise
3. Chronic tokes
4. Pooping in the woods
5. Swinging in hammocks

Where is your center?
Somewhere between my groin and my brain. I think most people's center would be the heart, it's what keeps the blood pumping and your life's energy circulating.

Do you make plans for yourself or does life just happen?
I make loose plans and let chance work out the details I guess. It's too exhausting to plan every little step.

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