September 6, 2009

BT: Same Thing Daily

The list of riders for Same Thing Daily 2 is somewhat set. I was going to get some photos of each of them and interview em. That seems like a lot of work. I'm busy riding and working and chillin. Plus I've done that maybe I will just write some stuff about them. Yeah I'll do that....
Brian Tunney. Long time BMX rider who seems to love New Jersey. He was in FlatCrap and had the best part in the video as far as I'm concerned. Brian seems to always put a lot of work into what he is doing and I like that quality.

As you can tell by the photo Brian has been riding BMX and has been real good for a long time. As BMX grows older and a generation of older riders emerges it will be interesting to see how long people will be able to shred it. Brian still kills it. Brian I'm not calling you old.

Brain had an awesome section in Ground Work. Ground Work was a flatland video put together by Props a while back. I remember watching that video on crisp autumn days in Kalamazoo, Michigan while I was in my first year of college. It always made me feel like riding.

Love the scuff. I think that's a Supper Pro rim.

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Pralex said...

Looking forward to seeing your next video. Groundwork was the first video I ever bought/watched, and I doubt it even works anymore from how many times it's been played, everyone had a killer section, especially Brian.
- Prasheel