November 18, 2009

DVD: Dane Video Done

Ahhh FlatCrap. The days of my youth, so young, and so full of life. I'm dead now? No not really. I hate when people talk about the past like it was the best time of there life. If you think that way then it will be that way. The past is something that has made you into what you are today. Today should always be better than yesterday cause you can't live yesterday again, you can only live today.

Anyway FlatCrap was my first video. I had no camera and no editing equipment to speak of. I borrowed and asked friends to help me out and was able to put something together. I cut out all the covers by hand. Every single one. Took forever, but I was living in cold snowy Kalamazoo at the time so who cares.

The riding in the video is good. Every part is good in its own way. Some people gave me grief about the tittle....well everyone will give you grief about what you do if you pay attention to it.

What lesson do we learn from this? None...we don't offer that here at Same Thing Daily.


Anonymous said...

I really liked this one. Everyone had super good sections.

Let's hear more about the new one!

show-hey said...

this DVD is so unique, i think.
please make more unique and excite one!!
i am looking forward to watching your new DVD.

Same Thing Daily said...

Thanks show-hey. We will do our best.