December 6, 2009

Them said I no a pro

I found out today that I'm not a pro. Damn I guess my 10+ years of riding are just not up to par. Same Thing Daily don't care about being pro. We are above pros hovering at about .456 meters above them. We don't look down at them or anything only up. So I would suggest just joining us and bypass the whole pro thing. Flatland is much more fun when you don't have to live up to anything. Your much better off in the long run.

Below is a diagram to help you on your way.



Shane Neville said...

For serious? It was only 5 years ago that we were forcing you to ride pro in Toronto. I call Shenanigans.

ps - the Blogger 'Word Verification' asked me to type procishl - so maybe your are procishl and not pro.

Same Thing Daily said...

Mr. Kuoppa's definition puts me in the not pro category. It also puts Kevin Jones and just about everyone else in the not pro category. Flatland is not a normal sport. The Webster’s definition is not applicable to it.

Anonymous said...

This god damned french flag chart gots me confused..all pros are ams but not all am's are pros bullshit survy arrow???

and jesus f christ..whadooahdoo to get some damn Big E'z?

Anyone know?

Dan Conkrite Humes said...

its italian you idiot!

and your security still sucks. ic an type "login" all day on my head crosshanded...wait that'd be normal i guess.

and thanks for giving me the oportunity to use HTML tags if i chose to.

jody tempel said...

i no a pro too. how many points did i score this year coach?

jody temple said...

and i'm always gettin onto dane for his spelling, i can't even spell my own name right!

Same Thing Daily said...

Haha Jody Tempel can't spell. That's how it is going on the back cover of the DVD. And I have not idea what anonymous is talking about. Want to write for my website? My dream has come true...people are talking shit on Same Thing Daily. Oh and Jody you have about 42 points this year. The hawk at the church has about 1397.