August 10, 2010

Back from hel

So Finland is done and over with. Good time for sure. That place is awesome, but make sure you bring a lot of money. Everything costs a lot there. I would say highlights were riding the hockey rink with Sebastian and Markus, playing bum basketball with empty cans of beer, awesome friendly local riders making sure all visitors were having a good time, and Sebastian's brother getting crazy. That's all for now. Back in Vienna and getting ready to go to Hungry next weekend for the gypsy games! He'll yeah.

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Anonymous said...

hi dane. a new bum came to prince today and showed me his flatland repertoire. he laid his bike on its side directly in front of me in mid link. and he could endo. he said he was sponsored by k-swiss back in the day and rode from from athens to the end of georgia. aloha