August 16, 2010

How to open a beer with paper!

Sebastian Grubinger has many skills other than one handed wiplashes. He can make good oragne juice, grow plants, help people with their drug problems, talk shit in english (he speaks German), stay up till 4 in the morrning and wake up at 8 ready to go, and open a beer with a piece of paper. Here is one of the best how tos you will ever read.

Tools needed: a bottle of Austrian bier or some other kind I guess (beer dumb ass), large piece of paper (newspaper or large magazine), hands, body, mouth, and time.

Step 1: Fold the paper like so...

Step 2: Some more folding and what not make it look like this

Step 3: Put it in your hand and hold like so.... hurry up I want bier!

Step 4: Grip the bottle and hold tight cause they use machines to put these things on so you have to be tuff like a machine.

Step 5: Use the hand thats on the bottle as a stoper and your other hand is at an angle with the paper. Look at the picture! Push down with the hand not on the bottle hard and don't give up there might be girls watching and Same Thing Daily does not except quiting.

Step 6: Bier time. You did it! Smile. Show your friends how cool you are and talk to the women cause every girl wants a guy who is a problem solver.

Disclaimer: Same Thing Daily does not condome drinking too many Austrian beirs. Especially without eating dinner after riding all day or after getting off of a 15 hour flight. As Markus says, ''we only make a small party tonight.'' I love Vienna.

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