October 14, 2010

Irina Sadovnik

Growing up I don't remember seeing many females who were into BMX. Today things are a little different there are many females riding BMX all over the place including Austria. I meet IriNa Sadovnik while I was staying in Vienna this summer. She is by far the best female flatlander I have ever meet. She has good tricks that a lot of boys can't do. Her style is unique and she does not let the boys intimidate her. I asked her some questions and what not....
crossed up in Vienna

Name: IriNa Sadovnik

Age: 26

Location: Sweet Vienna/ AUSTRIA

How did you get started with flatland: I fulfill the perfect cliche. When I was 18, I had a boyfriend who rode BMX. After spending months in the skatepark watching him riding, I had the feeling that I also want to try this amazing looking sport. And here I am ..... :-)

in a hostel in Hungry with 5 nasty BMX riders

Who are some of your favorite people to watch ride? Sebastian Grubinger and Markus Redlberger !!!!

What do you like most about flatland? I think that you can kinda "design" your own style. There are so many possibilities to combine different tricks, I like that! And this is what makes this sport so individual.

flowen in Vienna

What do you do for work? I am working in a big hospital in Vienna doing my doctor in applied medical science.

What's it like being the only girl rider when you are at a large jam like The OG Games? What should I answer,except: POWWWW, I like to hang out with boys ;-) Just kidding. Actually I really don't care if I am the only girl at such contests, the other riders are most of the time very friendly.

og games and the only girl

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