October 21, 2010

Same Texas Daily 1

My big theory on Texas for a long time is that it's way to big. Once you drive or fly into Texas it will take you a long time to get out. Texas is the second biggest state and also has the second largest population of any state. If you think about the cities in Texas...Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin they all are large cities. Most states only have one or two big cities and Texas has 4. I'm not sure what I'm trying to get at here, but there is a lot to Texas. One could spend there whole life exploring this state and still not understand much or anything. I took a trip to the lone star state of Texas for the Texas Flatland Round Up 6 to get a taste of Texas and this is what I came up with.

why cause they can

there is nothing more American than Texas

Texas boys got skills

i know it's strange to take a picture in a bathroom but this urinal is crazy and it was leaking all over the floor

BBQ Texas style
More pictues soon...Same Thing Daily loves Texas.


flatSTYLE said...

that picture of the chickens with the little makeshift heads is still kinda funny/weird even for a Texan :)

Mark "Rad Dad" Dandridge said...

Awesome photo's and post. Thanks Dane!