November 27, 2010


Bobby Carter has done it all when it comes to flatland. He has traveled the world, produced many flatland videos, learned hundreads of tricks, judged contests, lived in Hollywood, and everything else you can think of. I was in Cali a shot while ago and asked him some questions about some stuff.

What is your favorit thing about flatland?
-You can have infinite fun with friends globally.

How long have you and will you ride flatland?
-I've ridden for about 20 years. I'll be ridin' 'til the casket dips or I no longer have fun...whichever comes first.

a trick a lot copied


Future plans?
-We are Beyond the Future.

Where is the love?
-Look in your heart, not in LA. LA don't love u. ;-)

Is living in Hollywood all its cracked up to be?
-The Hollywood experience kind of like an educational institution. You do what you have to do and eventually you graduate and move on. Some people drop out before graduation and others just can't seem to pass their last semester...

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