December 18, 2010

Andrew Wickham

There are not many people in this world who live the way they want to. Something always seems to pull them away a family commitment, job, or any number of things keep them from truly doing what they want to do. As long as I have know Andrew he seems to keep himself happy by doing what he wants when he feels like it. Andrew Wickham, cracker ass cracker, or stinky depending on who you ask is exactly what the world needs more of.

Place of birth…

Manhattan, NY

Where all have you lived?

NY, VA, GA, CO, and PA

What was it like living in York PA?

Pretty fun. The town doesn’t have much, but the BMX is fun.

What was it like riding with Kevin and Leif?

I rode with Kevin more than Leif due to schedules. Kevin’s an awesome dude all around. If you didn’t know what he was to the sport you’d just think he was a bad ass who still shreds.

What do you see yourself doing down the road?

Hmmmmm… riding and cooking. Maybe release a pop album collaborated with a little know celebrity maybe you’ve heard of her…LADY GAGA!!!

How did you find flatland?

I couldn’t skateboard so I asked for a BMX bike. I got a Dyno Compe for Christmas, my hometown of Luray has a lot of flat parking lots.

Your job is cooking and has been since I have know you. Is it something you are passionate about?

It comes naturally and provides work where ever I am. Passionate?.. it’s fun and easy.

Who do you like to ride with?

People who are chill w/o ego’s, Kevin, Ivans, Diggy, Leifins, Duke, Jody, and anybody who is having a good time and smiling.

How do you think up new tricks?

I steal tricks from any and everybody including the people reading this…that trick your working on, so am I! Joking, I just fool around on my little kids bike.

Any last words?

BMX is totally gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just sayin totally gay and I’m gay for it. (side note: I love pussy).



Anonymous said...

that guy sucks

ortho said...

The light pours out of Andrew