June 2, 2011


the first thing I think of when I think of indiana
flatland is a three letter word

Coop dog with a well done nut grab

there needs to be more sharks in flatland

Panama flow

Battle at the
Bricks was this past weekend as I’m sure everyone knows. Here are some random things that happened.

- BBQs at Andy Coopers place. Cooper rules!

- Dez kills it on the flatland course and likes to hang out
in his underwear.

- Matt Willhelm apparently has dreams about beating me up.

- I was told by someone that they were hoping that Andrew
Wickham would mess up during his run. Andrew
got first. Haha

- Lots of middle aged women drinking Miller Lite cans
telling me they like my arms.

- Cooper has one of the best flatland spots I have ever been
to and the pre jam was awesome.

- Margaritas!

- Indianapolis
is a fun place to be in the summer.

- Contest was good.
Many people bustn out crazy moves.



Michael said...

You are flatlandsucks haha

Same Thing Daily said...

Same Thing Daily does not have that much time on its hands and my spelling is way worse than his.

mike smick said...

I was so glad to chat with you and with the Georgia crew. All you guys are excellent. I'll remember Indy for a long time.

Dez said...

Rad, hot, fun, ill hmmm.. Which of those words is it...?

jt said...

dez, i know that you're going through. you turned to the drugs, the alcohol, pornography... freebasing with OJ, human trafficking, dogfight/orgies... darkness.

Dez said...

That's what sometimes happens when you bring the thunder... You get lost in the storm.