July 19, 2011

Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation is just about the best thing I can think of. Sun burns, swimming, sun glasses, long days, bikes, and a million other things are what take over your life when you’re on summer vacation. They are much better than the normal things that rule your life. Makes you feel like child again with no worries.

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1100 miles is a long drive inside a car. The Same Thing Daily summer trip went from Georgia, up to the great state of Michigan, over to the home of flatland York, and then back down toGeorgia. It’s a long ways we checked. Being in a car for that long really gets you thinking about just about everything that’s ever happened to you.

give this girl 20$ and she will stand next to your car

Michigan is home always will be. Never forget about where you came from and who you came from.

York was good. Pit jams were killer. York is a small city a lot like many other small cities in theUSA. Weird things everywhere…people are weird, sites are weird, traffic patterns that make no sense, sun just beating down all day long, and toss in a bunch of flatlanders it’s like a match made in heaven. I can understand why flatland came from York PA. Flatland is weird.

Well if you haven’t taken a summer vacation yet you better. Time is running out!



freestylinkale said...

strowling up on the hill....

MORGAN said...

Mine starts in 30 minutes... SERIOUS bike time!