November 15, 2011

Jersey City Photos

Brian Tunney is no longer a Jersey City resident. He sold out.

awesome spot

they are done pooping on my parents lawn for the season

the big city

Went up to NYC a couple of weekends ago with my friend from work. He was running the NYC Marathon for some reason. People will put their bodies through hell for Marathons. It was pure entertainment to go out in the city post race and see young people limping around like old men. It was very easy to tell who ran the race. It is a true physical and mental test that crazy people are into... Everyone has something like this to put themselves to the test.

Stayed in Jersey City and had fun times riding and eating bagels. Also not working for 4 days in a row is always ok with me. Rode with Brian Tunney and also filmed a few things while in town. If you love NYC but hate all the damn people you should stay in Jersey City and take the water taxi over to the city. Jersey City is a nice place except for all the damn helicopters (NYC's fault).

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