January 25, 2013

One Love Jam and whatnot

SameThingDaily visited beautiful southern California for the OneLoveJam.  Darin Wright of One Love BMX put together a flatland jam at Zuma Beach which is near Malibu California just outside of LA.

Last trip to southern California was not a ton of fun so this time Long Beach was the spot to stay.  Long Beach has long been a winter hideaway for flatlanders and BMXers. Chad Johnston a long time Long Beach local showed off his awesome home and shared some interesting flatland history.  Stories about Nathan Penonzek living in his VW at the beach and stories about Phil Dolan destroying parking lots.   There are a lot of riding spots (flatland and street), good mexican food, donuts, and a long beach.

Chad Johnston

Long Beach lots with bike included

Yes people still roller skate in California

Other spots where visited.  Spent some time down south of Long Beach in a little beach community called Newport.  There lives the best flatland spot ever.  Right on the beach.

Dave DeBuono

The jam itself was awesome.  Lots of old school cats from the socal scene mixed in with the current scene.  Sean Mckinney and Dylan Worsley just to name two.  Just to let you know Dylan still kills it.  A lot went down on that beautiful California beach under the non stop sunshine.  The jam went on all day till pitch black just like a good jam should.  The jam almost got busted up by the local law enforcement but Darin talked his way out of it.  Don't think he would of had much of a chance making that many flatlanders stop riding.   A lot of new faces out there busting awesome tricks.  Thanks to One Love BMX, Chad Johnston, Zack Yankush, The NorCal Crew, and sunsets.  Yep just thanked sunsets.

samethingdaily's 198,765 sunset photo