February 7, 2008

The body mends

December 19, 2007
This was taken the day after the crash.

December 19, 2007.
Nice Face

January 15, 2008
My 15000 $ elbow

It's been a long month, but I'm healing up. Both casts are off now and I started physical therapy. By the way if you have never been through physical therapy consider yourself lucky because they kick your ass. I mean they stretch my elbow in a million different ways and none of it feels good. The picture above was when I got my left cast off. They had to pull out 27 staples. It hurt like hell. My left elbow now costs 15,000$. I hate doctors.

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Anonymous said...

I shattered my right elbow in a car wreck 7 months ago.
PT does hurt like hell. I hate it. I had pins in my arm but they had to take them out. I hope everything is going ok :D