February 8, 2008

Same Thing Daily has been in the making for over 2 years now and when it comes down to the last filming session I end up breaking both my elbows. Despite my injuries I have been able to work on the video. It is just about done and I should be making a master copy next week. Then I will send it off to get copies made. Hopefully the video will be available in early March. It will feature riding from:


Simon Obrien
Dane Beardsley
Leif Valin
Aaron Behnke
Brian Chapman
Travis Collier
Alexis Desolneux
Paul Chamberlane
Shintaro Misawa
Jody Temple
Hamilton Abe
Gabe Kadmiri

& Others


Just from reading the list it's apparent that the video will feature a lot of different riding styles and I can tell you from watching the footage that it is diverse. Just the way I like flatland. Check back here for more updates and a second teaser.

-Dane Beardsley

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filthy phil said...

can't wait to see it. get well soon dane.