February 8, 2009

Another Hard Day in Athens

I'm not sure if anyone else listens the same way I do, but people say funny shit all the time. I believe that probably one out of every 3 sentences can be laughed at. It's nice I don't need a comedian at all, I just listen to my friends talk.

"The Primo comet tires are not good for scuffing funky chickens. I need a tire I can scuff the hell out of." - The Duke February 7th, 2009

"My technique is flawed today." - Shayne K

"1999 called and wants it's style back." - According to Shayne K., Terry Adams said this about Shayne K.

"What? did'nt you smoke wed today before coming out?," "No, No, man I didn't...well just a little joint." - G-Unit and MF conversation

"Looks like your tilling a field on that hitchhiker." - G-Unit

"I'm on that grind. Bitches" - Me

- Photos by G-Unit

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