February 13, 2009

Athens Chillers: G-Unit

If you ever come to ride in Athens there is one guy that you will not be able to miss and that's Darin Wright. He spends his days riding, chillen, talking to his good friend Curtis, talking/giving people shit, going for "nature walks", and bartending.

Darin M. Wright

When did you move here?!
Summer 03

Top 5 things you like about ATH...
Cheap Beer
2- Women
3- Bombing Hills
4- Weed
5- Giving shit to the Duke

Are you involved in gainful employment?!
Yes,Bartender at Tasty World.

Explain the flatland scene in Athens...
There's a scene?

Favorite restaurant?
Picante' The Fish Taco Plate. Sooo Good!

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