February 14, 2009

Kooky Set Ups: The Duke

I don't care who it is, flatlanders are weird about their bikes (There Jody I used their correctly). Each of us uses whatever we deem appropriate for what we do on a bike. Most of you might be convinced it makes you better while others just run what they can get their hands on. Either way a flatland bike is a weird little toy.

Here is a look at John Dowker's (The Duke, which you should know) flatland bike. Duke has been riding longer than you. I'm almost sure of that. Since have meet Duke he has had a lot of different frames and more than a few different sets of handlebars. He likes to switch it up. Duke still rides two breaks and 48's, but surprising as it might seem his bike is not heavy. Dukes bike feels wild to me, but I'm not Duke so it should not feel right for me. He rides what works for him and when not on the road or on his IPhone he is shredding it in ATH.

The Specs:

Frame-Black Betty 18.8' tt-13' rear end MTF Custom

Forks-WeThePeople Mantis

Bars-MTF 7/12 rise



Seat Post-Thompson

Seat Clamp-stolen of my brothers 16' Haro,had it for years.

Chainring- Tree 26t

Cranks-Profile 170mm

Pedals-Eastern Plastic

Wheels-Sun Rims

Hubs-Odyssey 48's - Profile alu Shell 48's

Pegs-Fly Mag

Brakes-Front Dia Compe 990's - Rear-Fly


Chain-KMC the cheapest one

No mods unless you count bake brakes.lol

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Anonymous said...

nice one. what about your setup dane? i like it alot. could you post it? thanx