March 27, 2009

Athens Chiller: Dane Beardsley

I may not be a veteran like other Athens Chillers, but I have lived in this place on and off for a few years now. I have a bed here, a couple of ex girl friends, and a couple of jobs, so I thought I would include myself in the Athens Chillers bio thing I have been doing.

Name?! Dane M. Beardsley

When did you move here?! I started visiting Athens in early 2006 after college. Jody Temple was nice enough to let me stay with him. For a short while I bounced back and forth between here and Michigan. I have lived here permanently since the fall of 2007 I think.

Top 5 things you like about Athens?!
1) Weather - main reason I moved here
2) Ethnic Diversity - absolutely no diversity where I grew up
3) Everyone is poor making things inexpensive
4) It's a small city where you can ride your bike almost anywhere
5) The fact that I can leave for long periods of time whenever I want and still have a job when I come back.

Are you involved in gainful employment?! I work as a tutor in math and other subjects. I also work at a bar called Tasty World as a door bitch/bar tender.

Explain the flatland scene in Athens... Friendly people who are not scared to give you shit for everything you do.

Fav. restaurant?! The Grill. 24 hours. Awesome french fries and onion rings. The owner likes Paulanders.


Shayne said...

Ride faster. Just for fun. I wanna see what happens. Oh yeah, bring scuffing back, just so I don't feel as bad for scuffing. Thanks. Fucking Peru! I'll show you how we chill in Lima...

Shayne said...

Oh yeah, what is the cut-off on amount of scuffs? I think Viki set the bar with the 3 count, and I go with that... que piensas? Oh yeah, I can pump funky chickens in straight lines.

Shayne said...

Fuck, I'm fucking drunk, and the sun is shining now. Can I keep posting comments or will I get banned? Sweet, beer is still cold! Why am I leaching internet from the neighbors? This is not my blogspot.

Same Thing Daily said...
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Same Thing Daily said...

the cut off is 3 scuffs shayne. If your scuffing op-o then you have to do at least 5 scuffs to prove you can scuff it. I need to know how they chill in Lima. See you in Alaska. Leaching internet from your neighbors in Peru, Shayne your my personal hero.