March 27, 2009

Kooky Set Ups: Brian Tunney

From what I gather about Brian Tunney he is a busy man. He writes for a bunch of people, helps run a magazine, goes on road trips often, rides his bike a lot, and he lives in the north east so I'm assuming he spends some time in traffic. I'm sure he does other stuff too, but I don't know much about that stuff. Anyway here is his flat bike. He told me he rides a girls bike now, but I still don't think you will see Tunney riding around in wind pants.

Frame - St. Martin
Fork - WeThePeople Mantis
Bars - Bob Scerbo
Grips -Edwin Delarosa
Pegs - FBM front, Fly rear
Front Wheel -Demolition
Back Wheel -Profile hub, Nankai guts, Odyssey rim
Seat Post - Thomson
Seat Post Clamp - Animal
Seat -Primo Steroid
Tires - Animal ASM front, WeThePeople Feelin' rear
Stem - Suelo
Break - Suelo
Break leaver - eclat
Chain ring - eclat
Cranks - profile
Pedals - ecla
Any special modifications? Nope.
How does you bike feel? Good enough for liquor store runs after I'm done riding flat.
Why do you have your bike set up the way it is? To make gumby's easier.

1 comment:

Prashant said...

does anyone know where one could find either the FBM homie haulers, or the original Eastern pegs that they FBM's were based off of? Looking to get a 3/8 pair, and pegs of that diameter seem to be hard to come by nowadays