March 10, 2009

Athens Chillers: Jody Temple

And then there was Jody Temple. JT has lived in Athens for a while and has been riding bikes even longer. I know for a fact that JT has been riding well over half of his life. JT is real smart. I mean like genius smart. He will most likely kill you at chess, say a word that you have never heard before, out party you, and out sleep you. He will also find about 50 grammatical errors in my writing. That's fine, I have very little problem with it. JT goes his own way and will let you sleep on his floor free of charge for two months. I would have never ended up in Athens if it wasn't for JT. I asked him some questions.

Jody Temple

When did you move here?!
Dec '98 fool

Top 5 things you like about ATH...
Winter Weather
Cheap everything
People - a lot of people do a lot of things here
Good friends, great laughs, timeless memories

Are you involved in gainful employment?!

Explain the flatland scene in Athens...
I ride in this parking lot, every one else rides in that parking lot. I ride in the afternoon, everyone else rides in the morning. Who rides in the morning?

Fav. restaurant?!
I can't afford it that often, but Utage Sushi Bar is tops. RainbowRoll, umm...

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