March 17, 2009

Toronto Trip

So for some reason once the weather finally started to take a turn for the better here in Athens The Duke and I decided it would be a good idea to go to cold ass Toronto for the contest. The Duke booked a few flatland shows on the way up and on the way back to pay for the gas and put a couple of bucks in our pockets. We ended up driving over 3000 miles in a week. We hung out in Toronto for a few days, rode a few skate parks, visited my family in Michigan, drank some beers, slept in Duke's van, and listen to the Pretenders more than a few times.

The contest was a good time. Apparently you need 8 minutes of dialed stuff to do well at this contest. Two four minute runs and they averaged your scores together. I'll be damn if I will ever dial that much crap. What a waste of time... The more time you spend preparing for a contest the less time you have to learn new things...

Am was awesome. Crazy Canadian kids with all kinds of different style. Eastern Canada has always had awesome riders.

Toronto was not that cold for a change and the food was as good as it always is. The beer was good also. Here are some random pictures from the contest and our travels. Enjoy.

Justin Miller does harder tricks than you.

Shintaro = good style

The Duke Motel: Cheap Rates!

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Denny said...

Hey Dane! Glad you had a good time in Toronto! Get a hold of me through my site...i dont have your email!