March 24, 2009

Kooky Set Ups: Prasheel Gopal

Frame - We The People Sinus, 2008 version? The latest one.
Fork - Odyssey 2008 Classic Forks, zero offset
Bars - Odyssey Chase BS bars
Grips - Duo grips and Bizhouse grip rings, with about 5 layers of duct tape underneath
Pegs - Sequence up front, G Sport plegs in the rear (that sounds gay, hahaha)
Front Wheel - Primo hub 36 3x to an Supra G rim I think?
Back Wheel - Nankai 36 3x to an Animal LMR rim
Seat Post - Macneil 330 Seat Post
Clamp - Odyssey Mr Clampy
Seat - Macneil OG seat, nose removed, recovered with a dish towel, virgin (no hole for allen key)
Sproket - Tree 20T spline drive (not shown)
Cranks - Unauthorized/FSA crank arms, Profile TI spindle (not shown)
Pedals - Odyssey twisted PC, translucent blue, just like Matthias!
Tires - Odyssey Frequency G, 1.75
stem - KHE Flat26 or something its called.

Any specail modifications - Duct tape under the grips. Not only does it feel thicker and more comfortable, it also causes throttle grip, to make tricks even more challenging.

Expalin your seat... Took the nose off, to "create more space for stepping/jumping through the frame"...basically to make it look better though; fashion over function, hahaha.

How does you bike feel? Rather big, considering my size. 19.1" TT, 26" wide and 8" tall bars with 1" of spacers underneath.

Why do you have your bike set up the way it is? I feel like I have a lot more leverage and control over the bike with tall/wide bars, and the longer TT makes it more roomy. Possibly interested to try a frame a touch smallers just for kicks, but quite happy on my current setup. Oh yeah, plastic pegs in the back to absorb some of the impact, so I hopefully don't go through frames as quickly.

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