March 19, 2009

Athens Chiller: The Duke

First thing in the morning after sleeping in the van.

OK here is The Duke. There is one thing that is apparent about The Duke. He loves BMX. I don't know anyone who loves BMX as much as The Duke. The Duke is a do it yourselfer from Canada. He will buy at least 3 cars a year. He also does shows and owns a house. The Duke always finds a way to make things work...wether it be getting a broke down POS car running, making the morgage payment with no real job, or learning a new trick The Duke comes through.

Jon (The Duke) Dowker

When did you move here?!
1999? or 98? Its blurry. LOL

Top 5 things you like about ATH...
Girls, cheap beer, BMX, good friends, and cheap BEER! :)

Are you involved in gainful employment?!
Retired car mechanic turned BMX'er! I own and operate The Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Show! see (

Explain the flatland scene in Athens...
Chill yet somehow hardcore? LOL. Athens has always had a good scene for flatland. Its small right now but there is always someone to ride with if you want to? Its still big enough that your going to get the guilt trip if you take a couple days off :)

The other cool thing is it seems like we get lots of visitors coming through here. Plenty of part time Athens riders out there :)

Fav. restaurant?!
Its got to be a toss up between Weaver Dee's and Five Star? I love the Soul Food! I ate crap in Canada. They know how to eat in the South!

The Duke showing Michigan what's up.

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Anonymous said...

The Duke rules!!!!