April 28, 2009

Athens Chiller: Matt Yearwood

Matt is the rider who just shows up out of no where. You will be riding and hear a little car screaming into the parking lot. That's Matt. He works on cars for a living and comes out and busts once in a while.

Name: Matthew Yearwood

When did you move here?! About 4 years ago. Moved here oblivious to the flat scene here.

Favorite restaurant?! Have to say Taco Stand, On the Border, and Five Guys.

Top 5 things you like about Athens?!
1. The flat scene is great
2. Growing up in the country, I love the city atmosphere
3. Pretty good import car scene
4. Downtown
5. The Athens girls!

Are you involved in gainful employment?!
Auto Mechanic

1 comment:

Matt Yearwood said...

Hey Dane thanks for posting this about me. That's a great pic. And also my last name is Yearwood. LOL It's funny because the way you have it is you're crood. LOL Good stuff. Thanks again Dane for the opportunity.