April 29, 2009

Twilight Weekend

So Twilight weekend has come and gone. The weekend started for myself on Thursday night when Aaron Behnke and his friend Matt showed up at my house. Many sessions went down at the skate park, streets, and of course the parking lots. 4 people were shot right across the street from where we all ride at. Some professor at the UGA shot his wife and some other people. It was national news and what not, news trucks and helicopters and 100 cop cars. My mom called me to see if I was ok.

The flat contest had a good turn out. The international super star know as Terry Adams showed up and wowed the crowd with his unbelievable flatland ability and won the contest. Deja vu from last year.

Anyway good times were had by many. People were out partying in full force Saturday night. I think I remember seeing The Duke drinking a Rolling Rock. Who the hell drinks Rolling Rock? I also heard another rider making out with a 40 year old women. I was drinking Makers Mark for some dumb reason.

More pictures coming soon...

When you have a flat tire it is good to have a friend with 4 pegs.

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