April 14, 2009

Ninja spin results

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike? Just tearing around the neighborhood, hitting pot holes, and crying to your mom when you crashed. Life was simple back then and it might be the only time in life that your actually free. Your brain was not worried about getting to work on time or getting your drivers licence renewed. Now a days kids are under a lot more pressure then when I was young. School is harder, if a kid acts too hyper they go to the doctor and get medication to turn them into a vegetable, and kids are marketed to by businesses to get them to convince their parents to buy things. These pressures threaten a kids true chance to be free. Let kids be kids and encourage them to tear around the neighborhood on their little bikes.

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jus10lhs@yahoo.com said...

definitely have to apply to this to my little boy, just turned 1!! i honestly hate the way that children are raised in todays society but i fear there isnt much i can do to protect him from it. either way, you kick ass dane