May 9, 2009

Kooky Set Ups: Dane Beardsley

The reasons for starting this blog are very unclear in my head, but I know one thing for sure. I did not start it for self promotion. I try not to include myself on this thing to much, but it does happen from time to time. Anyway a few people have asked for me to do a bike check so here we go...

Frame - DK Transmitter 19
Fork - DK Alpha
Bars - DK BK 7-11 bars
Bar Ends - Sequence (Thanks Aaron Frost)
Grips -DK Tsuka (green man...)
Pegs - Tree Bike Co. Big Balsa Pegs
Front Wheel -old DK 48 with and old Sun Big City rim (I have had this wheel for a long time)
Back Wheel -Nankai 48h, Proper rim
Seat Post/Seat - Macneil Travis Collier Signature Pivotal seat (thanks Trav.)
Seat Post Clamp - DK Alpha
Tires - WeThePeople feelin kevlar 20 X 1.9
Stem - DK Top Load
Break - None
Chain Ring - DK Alpha 31 I think
Cranks - DK Social Cranks 170mm
Pedals - DK Distortion Ti/Mag

Any special modifications? I have to grind my pegs a little to fit the fork. I cut my bars a hair also. I painted it cause tigers are bad ass.

How does you bike feel? Feels good to me and I can learn new tricks on it so it does its job.

Why do you have your bike set up the way it is? I'm not super picky about bike set ups or anything. I like bigger pegs cause small ones hurt my feet. I also like bigger tires than most people now a days. 48h wheels feel real solid. I need to be able to ride this thing around town so it's gota be strong, kept tight, and be fast enough to get away from things if need be.

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