January 4, 2010

Simon O'Brien: Solo vid number 2

Simon O'Brien...where do I even start. Well for me you can go back to Infinite Pieces. His part in that made me a big Simon fan and I'm still one to this day. Simon has come a long way since that video. He has won the X-Games, traveled the world, and produced one of the best videos ever. Made You Look has some of the best riding I have ever seen. Now we can talk about trends and style and all that stuff, but it really comes down to the tricks. The more original the tricks the more fun a rider is to watch. Simon has so many original tricks and in my mind is the best flatland rider in the world. He is making another video so I asked him a few questions about it...

Why do you want to make another solo video? After making my first solo DVD, I had a lot of great feed back, that felt rewarding and it was fun and a challenge to make. So I felt it would be a good challenge to try and better it.

Who is doing the filming, editing, and all that stuff? I have family and friends filming, whoever I can get to do it at the time. My friend is editing the intro and I'm doing everything else.

How long have you been working on it? I had bit of a break after my last DVD then got back into it. So about 3 years but I've had to take breaks throughout due to other work commitments. It's been hard.

What's your favorite part about making a video? Fav part about doing a DVD is trying to be creative and better myself both with riding and putting together a DVD that I think people might like.

What's you least favorite part about making a video? Least fav part is the hassle of trying to film, being critical of everything and the stress of wondering whether people will be into it.

Do you have a finishing date in mind? My finish date was going to be January, but things have come up, so I'm aiming for late February but maybe even march, it's been real busy with work in the festive season.

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