June 30, 2010

Stephen Hearn

Stephen Hearn. I don't really have much information for you here. I know he is a good rider and a quiet dude for the most part. He grew up in the south and lives in CA for now. He rolls deep with the Ganji crew. Well I don't have much more to say. Stephen is cool. I've meet him a few times and he is chill as hell. I asked him a few questions and G-Unit sent me some photos. Enjoy.

Stephen LA style

Stephen getting his ass checked out by a man without a shirt on...

The Ganji crew smokes weed? That stuffs illegal you know.

Stephen in Terry's back yard.

Where you been at? All over the states
Last phone call you made was? To dominos
What is in your pockets right now? A gum wrapper and some lint
If Darin has your keys and says he will be back in 10 minutes what do you do? Go to the store and get some blunts so I will be ready when he gets back with the package!
What is flatland? Some hard ass shit
Who is good? Chuck Norris
What's up with that oil spill? Don't care don't live on the gulf coast anymore.
How many people are in your family? Trace
Old school or new school? Mid School...


Anonymous said...

Stephen's a gangsta ass mu' fu'er!

Anonymous said...

Jah jah jah jah!! Someone hook this dude up wit a sponsorship or somethin legit. Definately deserving.

Darin said...

What a funny lookin muthfucker....

Anonymous said...

Stephan fucking rules