August 28, 2010

Europe Peoples...Markus Redlberger

There are so many cool riders in Europe. Everyone was awesome come to think of it. Every flatland rider I meet over there was cool, unique, and damn fun to be around. Markus Redlberger is the best. He does the most amazing things on a bike and does the funniest stuff off a bike. Markus is chill and ready to go at the same time. Always down for fun and ready to laugh. Here is a little interview with him and some photos. As Markus says... tonight we make a small party!

Where do you live?
i live in austria/ sweetvienna

What is your job?
i am a sporteacher who works as a fitness trainer in a gym

Lots of ladies at work?
yes haha
When did you start riding and how did you get involved?
i started in 1995 i think when i see the guys riding at my block, then i take my whole money of my bank account, without the ok of my mother, to buy my first bike of a guy who needs money for drugs! so i was owner of a bmxbike!

Who were the people you rode with when you started?
i started with kurt bandita rubik and senad grosic and we ride with our role models gregor onkis waldner and his team! later i was riding with j├╝rgen luttenberger, sebastian grubinger, andrea ostertag and irina sadovnik and mike sommer

Who do you like to ride with now?
i would have back my riding people i grew up with, but its dififficult to ride more than 15 years together with the same peoples and 11 or12 we did. things are changed. now i prefer to ride with people together like wastl grubinger irina sadovnik or michael sommer
POW? does he say peng? what peng? why does he say that? haha lots of fun

Where do you like to travel and what do you like to do when you travel?
traveling this year was awesome. 7 days in croatia for holiday, cliffdiving, swimming and laying in the sun. then straight to the airport and take a flight to finland helsinki with wastl his girlfriend simone his brother nick and dane. traveling must be absolutely stressless and so it was. riding, a bit sightseeing a bit party (but just small ones) and meet marrti and people from helsinki.and after this trip we go to hungary to the og-games like same thing yearly!haha also a nice trip with nice people and huhge space for riding with nice weather and delicious china restaurant food. i like to traveling with different people to different playes!

Describe a day in your life..get up in the morning in summer without a ring ring bell. big breakfast at the balkony.then take a call where we can go for a swimm with a beachvolleyball court, we go there by bikes, at 4 to 5 o clock i say bye and make me on the way to the riding court because earlier it would be to hot in summer. just eat a bit then binding my laces, music on and lets ride for the next 4 hours. then i cook some vegetarien noodles or somethin and maybe after i go down town with my friends for a beer or a drink before i fall into my bed and hope that i dont have to work tomorrow. haha


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