August 23, 2010

Jet lagged and hung over in Finland

I'm not going to lie to you. I did'nt ride much at all in Finland. No one in our crew really did. We arrived in Finland from Austria on Thursday and I was feeling it from my cross Atlantic flight. The crew was me, Markus, Sebastian, Simone, and Nick. The Austrian dudes were in party mode and I was in jet lag mode. Dispite my problems we had an awesome time. Many expensive beers were drank and lots of chillen and site seeing. Helsinki is an amazing city just make sure to bring lots of euros.

Austrians in Finland!
liike tottaly

they have canned bear in Finland, but this is beer with a bear on it

Drinking till 5 am and eatting falafel at 5:30 while the sun comes up. I have never seen anyone party like Sebastian's brother Nick.


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sebastiangrubinger said...

who is hang-overd???? small party - samethingdaily!!!