August 15, 2011

No Buffalos in Buffalo

Buffalo...hmmm Well it's part of the Rust Belt that covers a good portion of Michigan, Ohio, NY, and Indiana. Cities like Buffalo, Cleveland, and Detroit amongst several others were once major global manufacturing centers. Lots of steel and manly type things were made in these cities by a different generation of Americans. Much of the rust belt is viewed by outsiders as a bunch of crappy run down cities that are not worth visiting. These cities are worth visiting. Everywhere is worth visiting if you look at whats really there. Anywhere where hard working people live make for a great city.


Anyway the final round of the AM Flatland Circuit was held at a drag strip right next to I-90. Rain was in the forecast for the entire day and it was hit and miss. It ended up drying out for about half of the day. Some people had to ride in the wet while others got lucky and it dried up. Either way it proves that flatlanders will ride regardless of the conditions.


rides fast as hell

Flatland is so small and it's real easy to get to know everyone. Nevertheless it seems as if you do meet randoms at every event. Flatlanders live in caves or in homemade shacks and come out of the woodwork once in a while so you always bump into someone you have not seen in years or someone who is brand new to you.


Highlights of the weekend...
Dancing with Pralex and Ron Monis
Listening to Ivan read form the bible and just hearing him talk in general
Hanging with the York and Maryland dudes
Delta cookies and drooling while sleeping on the plane
Mexican food
The car pictured above
Genesee Beer

tastes like a head ache

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