March 20, 2011

Georgia State Championship 2011

spectators wondering what the hell is going on

john getting ready
a rod

duke on home turf

jeff planning

andrew had a bad crash early on in the session but kept riding

jeff and duke state champs

The GA State Championship went down yesterday. Good little crowd came out to do some riding as the sun went down on a beautiful day in GA. The ATL was represented well as was Athens. Some dudes came down from Gainsville GA and even my pal from Knoxville came out to support this event. Big thanks to everyone who came out.
The Duke from the Athens was doing some long rolling stuff as well as Jeff Foster straight outa the ATL. This is a spot that The Duke rides at a good bit so he was killing it. Andrew Wickam made the long 12 minute drive to the event to bust out a lot of his signature moves. A rod was also busting out. People were smiling, laughing, and having a good time.
The contest was an open jam style thing and Jeff Foster and The Duke walked away with the hardware. Congrats dudes. Thanks again to everyone who came. Next year...will you be the state champ?
Georgia is the best state for flatland in the USA. There I said it.
Thanks to Anne Yardrough for helping with the photos.


ortho said...

It was as epic as it could've possibly been. I got some video i'm pickin through!

ortho said...

Also mucho thanks to Dane for creating and Jon for hosting and rescuing.